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Follow our most recent projects via vimeo HERE.

Produced film campaign, shot around the world, that raised $2.5 million. 

Betty White’s favorite animal public service announcement ran in markets all across the country and won the Emmy for best public service announcement.

A quirky regional spot produced for Taco Bell cobranding with the Denver Broncos featuring the original Three Amigos.

Produced and Directed promotion for Orvis Cover Dog Contest starring Betty White.  This piece hit 30,000+ views shortly after being posted on Orvis's site and was asked by NBC to run in Betty White's 90th Birthday celebration. 

Promotional tie-in between Morris Animal Foundation and Disneynature's African Cats.

Director of Photography for a documentary shot in Western Siberia for Dave LeMieux and House of Soul.

Producer, Director, and Editor of a series of broadcast commercials. Spots featured a cross promotion between the Denver Broncos and King Sooper’s (Kroger) grocery stores. It must be noted that it is rare for the Denver Broncos to partner with a retailer for use in a commercial enterprise.

Producer, Director, and Editor of a series of Denver Broncos preseason football spots promoting the games in High-Definition. Naturally, all the spots were shot and edited in High-Definition.

Producer, Director, and Editor of extensive media creation for corporations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and Concerts For Kids. Duties included but were not limited to traveling to Las Vegas to cover a charity golf tournament, interviewing celebrities, and documentary story-telling for use in broadcast, corporate and in-flight entertainment on Frontier Airlines. These productions are used to garner additional resources for charities as well as the marketing of upcoming events.

Producer and Director of Student Voices, a live-to-tape broadcast for Comcast Corporate. The monthly show centered around teens and teen topics. One segment included a round table discussion on issues such as under age drinking, smoking, and teen driving. The teens were then encouraged to brainstorm solutions to the problem as well as get practical ways to implement their ideas from trained professionals. The show then profiled a teen in the community who had confronted the topic and found a solution. Several shows have been syndicated nationally and have won numerous Emmy and festival awards.

Producer, Director, and Editor of numerous broadcast and radio promotional material for CBS Denver . Duties included writing, filming, and editing. Three of the spots won North American Promax awards. Promax/BDA is the worldwide association of entertainment marketers, promoters and designers, representing more than 500 television stations and all major broadcast and cable networks.

Producer and Director of informational vignettes for prominent real-estate agent. Material showcases the realtor’s extensive expertise in the buying and remodeling of homes with before and after development.

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